Castle Beauvoorde

Client: Herita vzw
Location: Beauvoorde 
Timing: 2019-2020 
Status: in execution

Technical advice I Building physics advice

Building physics research to focus on the damage caused by moisture, salts and high relative humidity and to formulate advice for necessary interventions to enable future management. Preservation of the valuable immovable and movable heritage of the water lock, in addition to cost efficiency for management and maintenance, is of paramount importance.

An extensive preliminary study will be carried out during a site visit:

  • a visual inspection,  
  • moisture measurements,  
  • and a qualitative salt analysis.  

Furthermore, the measurement data from the data loggers of the past years are analysed on the basis of the ASHRAE classes for the storage conditions of valuable objects. 

In order to further investigate the problem of rising damp, moisture profiles are drawn up and quantitative salt analyses are carried out.

Measurement data Knights' Hall according to ASHRAE classes.               Research into heating strategy.

If technical installation interventions (heating and/or ventilation) are necessary for conservation, it is investigated how the technical installations can be reconciled with the heritage value of the monument. In accordance with these interventions, energy-saving measures are examined within the framework of an energy audit of real estate heritage.

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