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Executive architect

We help the designing architect with all technical and financial issues so that they can fully focus on the design.

We are also architects, but designs we prefer to leave to you. As an executive architect, we are very happy to work with you and, by extension, the entire design team on high-quality architectural projects.

We are ready to be involved in every phase of the project, from the competition to completion and aftercare. We prefer to go through the entire process with you, from start to finish.

If we have complicated questions about sustainability, fire safety or façade along the way, we can call on our own specialists in the field.

As long as your project is ongoing, we keep an eye on the planning for you, monitor the budget and ensure coordination between the various partners in the design team.

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How do we work together smoothly?

We prefer to work with you as a tandem. At the start of the project, the ball is in your court. Along the way, we take the wheel from you. It is important to us that we ride out the entire journey together.

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Project start-up to building permit application

At these stages of the project process, we are at your side in an advisory role.

We manage the process together with you. We are also good at coordinating the design team and combining the advice of the various construction partners so that we can conclude this first phase with a successful design.

  • We help you further with construction technical advice, check budgets and give you our advice regarding construction costing.
  • You can entrust the estimation entirely to us.
  • You can also call on us for a thorough materials study.
  • We delve into the regulations and search for a workable and feasible context within this framework. Your dream remains central and ensures that you can see the wood for the trees.
  • Detailing is our middle name, so we are happy to take care of that too. At your request, more drawing work can of course be involved.

Put us at the table early enough in the process. The sooner we check our building expertise against your design, the smoother we will cycle through the next stages of the process. A clear construction methodology at the start of the project determines the impact of your building on its surroundings. So we like to be there on time.

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Tender dossier to completion

From this stage, we take over the coordination and management of the process from you. Including the worries.

You can entrust your dream to us with peace of mind. We understand what your project needs and go to great lengths to map and execute it down to the smallest detail.

Rest assured, we have your project fully in hand before the first brick is laid.

  • We take care of the drafting of the construction drawings, technical details, specifications and bills of quantities.
  • If you wish, we will also supervise the tendering process and compare the tenders for you.
  • As executive architects, we are in our element on site. We chair the meetings and monitor the quality of the execution up to and including the final delivery. We do this always and everywhere in consultation with you, the designing architect.

We do not rest until the final result meets your expectations. Of course, we maintain our common sense in the process.


Of course, we do not leave you to your fate once the handover is signed. We still take our responsibility to assist and relieve both the client and the building owner.

Practical experience and critical thinking skills give our specialists a feel for current building practices. 

Passion for building technology keeps them alert to tomorrow's developments.

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Customised BIM as standard practice

Together with our clients, we share the conviction that well-thought-out digital preparation and BIM strategy are essential for an optimised building process that aims beyond mere design and execution phases.

Before starting a BIM project, we listen carefully so that we understand what is important to you and what you expect from our process. We believe in customisation. And of the type that comes about in collaboration with you and, by extension, all other partners.

For us, every project is a BIM project. We deploy digital tools and technologies as extensively as possible in the service of the built environment. 

The BIM model is the digital foundation and the key to successful collaboration.

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Digital twin

We find a dynamic digital twin of the built or to-be-built environment necessary to understand this complex reality.

With a digital twin at our side, we can make well-informed decisions during all phases of a building's life from design to construction, use, maintenance, demolition and repurposing.


I'd like to take a look into the portfolio.

Sounds all good? Then be sure to check out the projects we have helped so much as an executive architect.

Other types of architecture

Coordinating architect

We sit at the project table as a representative of the builder, architect or design team and take over the organisation of the construction process.
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Technical representative of the client

The building owner can call on the expertise of our specialists in assessing the technical quality of the building to be constructed just before and during the construction phase.
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