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Maintenance advice

Are you an architect or building owner and in need of advice on building maintenance works? You have come to the right place.

You can use us at different times to help define the life of your building. For example, by preparing this phase while the building is still being designed, or by looking at an existing building that has been maintained for years. Or conversely, not.

The advice you get from us allows you, as a designer, to see your building in the right perspective. As the owner of an existing building, you will get a clear picture of what you need to do to give your building a longer life.

Thinking about maintenance of a new building starts at the design table, as far as we are concerned.

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Life cycle

By investigating the maintenance sensitivity of a particular solution, an informed choice can be made for a slightly more expensive (read more durable) material. More expensive is often cheaper in the longer term.

Research into the life cycle of a building component can already take place in the design phase. You can also engage us later in the usage phase.

For an existing building, we start with a visual inspection and a review of the available as-built documents (aka an audit) to detect the areas where catching up is needed. If necessary, we also shed our light on the existing detailing and investigate why no maintenance has been done for years.

Multi-year maintenance planning

Once the pain points have been defined, we can start scheduling and budgeting the regular maintenance works, i.e. draw up a multi-year maintenance plan. In it, we include urgent repairs of defects as well as periodic maintenance and the eventual renovation of building parts. If you then align your financial planning with ours, your bricks will have a long life.

Other types of audits & maintenance

Building audits

We help you as a building owner to really get to know your building.
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