About us

At Bureau Bouwtechniek, we work together as a team on your projects. Passion for building technology is what unites us. Pursuing positive impact on our future environment together too. We dream of more humanity and sustainable partnerships committed to a sustainable world.
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Meaning in every square meter

We are a company with an alert social and ecological awareness.

As architects and engineers, we take our responsibility to make a difference. To actively work for a better world. We do this by designing, constructing and maintaining buildings more correctly. In every collaboration we enter into, we invite our partners to join us in endorsing this ambition.
Fear not, we leave our seven-mile boots at the door of the site hut. We believe in taking small steps in the right direction. Every little stone we can shift together is a change towards real long-term improvement.

You will find in us a partner who turns challenges into opportunities. Who, together with you, sets new milestones and looks for added value. Preferably in every square metre.

We inspire and help design, build and maintain buildings more correctly together in a human atmosphere.

A cooperative organisation

As a sustainable business model, a cooperative allows us to pursue our goals in the long term and in a human atmosphere.

United by a collective conviction, BB'ers stand together at the helm of the organisation. As committed co-owners, they are committed to making Bureau Bouwtechniek an inclusive, inspiring and sustainable workplace where meaningful and honest work remains central.

A self-managing organisation

We have succeeded in upgrading our corporate structure into a powerful and fluid system of distributed authority and collective intelligence. This means that together we set the course for Bureau of Construction Technology and each BB'er contributes to the success of our organisation from their role, talents and growth.

I urge governments to create an enabling environment for cooperatives to thrive and grow. Let us harness the power of cooperatives to achieve the SDGs and create a world of dignity and opportunity for all.
Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the united nations from 2007 to 2016
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An inclusive organisation

At Bureau Bouwtechniek, we are actively committed to creating a working environment where all employees feel valued and respected.

Authenticity is very important to us. Everyone is allowed to be completely themselves with us and is given the same opportunities. Every BB employee is in control of their own path within the organisation. We make sure they can map it out in a rich and stimulating corporate atmosphere where everyone feels free to share ideas, concerns and feedback.

Key targets

We anchored our operation to a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To do so, we looked at what we do, how we do it, what our core objectives are and what we want to focus on further.

The SDGs give context to the missions we carry out, tools to understand how we want to operate as an organisation and an additional focus to do so in the right way.

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