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Kanal Centre Pompidou

Together with Atelier Kanal, we are preparing the repurposing of the iconic Citroën garage in Brussels into a temple of culture.
With its large, open spaces, the architectural project makes one dream of a place where all Brussels residents meet.
  • Architect: Atelier Kanal (noAarchitects (Brussels), Sergison Bates architects (London) and EM2N (Zurich))

  • Client: Fondation Kanal

  • Surface: 45.000 m²

  • Budget: € 125,000,000 (phase implementation)

  • Timing: 2021 -

  • Status: In execution

  • Photographer: Sarah Blee - Tim Fisher

  • Advisors: Greisch (stability), Kahle (acoustics), FESG (fire safety), Egeon (EPB)

As Found

On the initiative of the Brussels Capital Region, the Kanal Foundation is developing a grand museum centre dedicated to modern and contemporary art in the former Citroën garages along the canal. The building will keep its iconic shape and be transformed into a 45,000 m² museum with openness to the city. The commission was divided into five lots to be launched simultaneously.

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10 KANAL Nov 23 Tim Fisher 2023 Groot


  • the repair of the roofs
  • the construction of 3 roof penetrations
  • renovation of the emblematic facades
  • the construction of museum, office and conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, reception areas
  • the completion of the hospitality pavilion

News from the construction site

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The repurposing of the old Citroën garage is done with great respect for the patrimonial value of the site. Sustainable construction and reuse remain central to this. KANAL's team is constantly looking for and finding solutions to challenges that arise en cours de route. We support them in this by managing the site, the process and the planning.

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Sustainable inserts

  • limited use of virgin materials
  • energy-efficient heating and cooling. Natural resources from the immediate surroundings are used for heating (solar panels on the roof) and cooling (water from the canal).

Meet the Kanal team.

From Team Architecture (French-speaking) (1)

Francesca 569 A0780 Gemiddeld

arch. Francesca Crosby

Project architect
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From Team Knowledge Innovation & Technology (2)

Johan 3224

prof. arch. Johan Cordonnier

Project architect
Expert construction details
Façade advisor
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prof. arch. Jan Moens

General Director
Head of Research & Development Department
Managing Director
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