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Feasibility studies

You turn to us when you need a plan of action to renovate a building in the best possible way.

You are a building owner or architect and need a concrete plan for an existing building? We start with a screening from roof to basement and, on this basis, we develop an approach for a step-by-step improvement. You will see the wood for the trees and discover that not every aspect needs to be addressed as urgently.


Action plan

In order to say exactly what needs to be done with your building, we first need to get to know it properly. An audit that focuses on the aspect that the feasibility study will also cover in depth is a logical first step. In the case of an energy feasibility study, for example, this is the energy performance of the building's current condition.

Once, through this audit phase, we have a picture of the current state of the building in general, or different building parts in particular, we can start working on the actual feasibility study. We usually develop several scenarios, starting from conservation works that address only the known defects and avoid further consequential damage. These works will have to be scheduled in the short or medium term.


Packages of measures

Depending on your wishes, we develop packages of measures that are more ambitious than just conservation. This may involve a more far-reaching energy renovation, but also the incorporation of a solution for less priority defects. We examine the various steps within these packages in terms of cost price, size of the energy savings and technical feasibility. If you wish, we also look at aspects such as improving indoor comfort or daylighting. A phased approach in which your building remains occupied during the renovation is also an option.

Together with you, we look at how we can draw up customised renovation scenarios from the packages of measures. We provide you with sufficient arguments and tools to choose the scenario that meets your wishes and those of your building's future.

And now what?

With the feasibility study, you have in your hands a crucial preliminary study for a renovation project. You will see that the step to implementation is within reach.

Meet our specialists

From Team Renovation, Restoration & Maintenance (5)

Alexander S

ir. arch. Alexander Scheepers

Project architect
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BB Arno oct 2014

ir. arch. Arno Van Hulle

Project architect
Maintenance consultant
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Bert 569 A0759 Gemiddeld

arch. Bert Van den Bergh

Project architect
Advisor renovation & restoration
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Katalin 569 A0733 Gemiddeld

arch. Katalin Urban

Technical expert
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Stephanie Van Goethem

ir. arch. Stephanie Van Goethem

Project architect
Facade renovation consultant
Expert damage diagnosis and repair of concrete
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