Fire safety

Our fire specialists are mindful of the longevity of your building and the safety of its occupants. They are aware of their responsibility and proud to contribute to our common good.
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Fire safety is a serious matter. Whether it is your home, a public building or business premises, our specialists ensure that your fire safety is not taken for a ride.

Ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten, ir. arch. Julie Janssens, ir. arch. Alexander Scheepers and arch. Katalin Urban have found each other in the passion they share for fire. Not that they like to play with fire, they like to lay it on the shoulder of anyone who has a run in fire safety.

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Fire safety plus

Reducing fire safety to accurate active fire fighting (fire extinguishers, detection systems, sprinkler systems and RWA calculations) does not excite us

We prefer to take up the challenge of implementing fire safety in a high-quality design or valuable asset where we have to enter into a dialogue with the architecture, the livability in the building and the proper functioning of daily activities.

A good integrated fire safety concept takes into account both organisational decisions and design choices such as the implantation of functions and spaces, the implementation of escape routes, the logical organisation of compartments and the choice of materials.

Look before you leap

The first step towards a good fire safety concept starts with a thorough analysis of the building. For architectural assignments, we achieve the best results when we sit down with the design team from the start of the process.

Our holistic approach ensures that fire safety does not degrade your building and avoids the presence of disturbing elements in its daily use.

If the safety of existing patrimony needs to be optimised, we develop a safety plan and coordinate it with the local intervention teams to arrive at a supported concept. Here, too, we prefer to integrate our fire safety concept already in the design.
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Fire Safety Engineers

Our fire safety experts are architects trained as Fire Safety Engineers. Their expertise combined with that of their colleagues in other fields produces high-level fire concepts.

As executive architects, they are regularly on site. The fire safety concept you receive from them is execution-proof and provided with construction-technically correct detailing.

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Existing property

After thoroughly examining your building, we analyse its fire safety and present you with an initial fire safety concept in accordance with the legislation.

Together with you, we go through the concept with a fine-tooth comb. If necessary, we also sit down with the prevention services. When we hand over the feasibility analysis, our job is done. Unless you also like to involve us in the actual implementation.

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"A total renovation of an iconic and listed building such as the Royale Belge is no easy task and can only be brought to a successful conclusion if all team members perform their duties correctly and in a timely manner. We are therefore particularly satisfied that we called on Bureau Bouwtechniek for fire safety." Dixit the client, Frank Snoeck.

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New building from design to execution

After analysing the client's programme, we work with the design team on the spatial design. We do not forget to consider other requirements: acoustics, environmental impact, payback time, robustness, stability, daylight, summer comfort, maintenance, aesthetic requirements and reversibility. We can consider multiple options. We only knock on the door when we can present a conclusive and coherent concept.

Rolling out that concept over the entire project, refined, detailed, checked with suppliers, estimated and BIMed, is a logical next step.

We can monitor the entire site on your behalf or, if you prefer, carry out inspections on demand.

Looking for high-level fire concepts?

Our Fire Team is ambitious, bitten by knowing more and is on hot coals to also take your project to the next level in fire safety.

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Project architect
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Project architect
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ir. arch. Julie Janssens

Project architect
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Technical expert
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