Façade Engineering

The facade is the building component par excellence that can contribute to a future-oriented and liveable building. We are very happy to contribute to this.
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The façade is the most representative and public part of any building, not coincidentally the part you as a designer like to leave your mark on.

We are happy to put our expertise to work with you to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and high-performance façade.

With your dream in mind, we put together a unique team of in-house experts. Before we pull out our stops, we listen carefully until we understand what you have in mind. If our noses are in the same direction, you can be confident that we will come up with a high-quality façade design at the end of the day.

Our approach is multidisciplinary and integrated. We use our expertise to turn your design into a future-proof and liveable building. We do this by offering integrated and well-considered solutions in which the various requirements click together.

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Preliminary design

In the design phase, we assist you to test one or more façade concepts.

A handy decision matrix compares project-specific criteria (fire, acoustics, environmental impact, payback time, robustness, stability, daylight, summer comfort, maintenance, aesthetic requirements and reversibility).

This allows you as a designer to correctly assess the complexity of the façade design at an early stage and make well-considered choices.

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Design to delivery

At this stage, we are ready to roll out the façade concept across the entire project: refined, detailed, checked off with suppliers, estimated and BIMed.

We have mastered the complexity of a design team. As well as collaborating with experts in engineering, acoustics and stability.

We can monitor the entire site on your behalf or, if you prefer, carry out facade inspections on demand.

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Do you have a question for our façade experts?

Arch. Raf De Preter is all ears.

Meet our façade experts

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