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Casino Middelkerke

Together with ZJA, we are helping to build a new landmark for the Belgian coast.
  • Architect: ZJA i.c.w. Bureau Bouwtechniek and OZ

  • Client: Gemeente Middelkerke

  • Surface: building approx. 15,000 m² / surrounding landscaping: approx. 27,000 m²

  • Budget: €38,986,706 (+ reconstruction of Epernay Square and seawall: €2,011,535)

  • Timing: 2020 - 2024

  • Status: Executed

  • Photographer: Sarah Blee (site photography) & Stefan Steenkiste & Sebastian Van Damme

  • Advisors: DELVA (landscape architect), Plantec (technical designer outdoor landscaping), Cobe (stability), VK Engineering (techniques, acoustics), Witteveen-Bos (seawall study), Beersnielsen (lighting design), Actiflow (wind study), Mint (mobility), Sertius

Thanks to its unique location between the dike and the dunes, the casino will be the absolute eye-catcher of Middelkerke.

The casino in Middelkerke houses a restaurant with terrace, foyer, event hall with seating for 1,700 people, games room, underground parking and a hotel with some 60 rooms. In the games room, you get a beautiful view of the sea.

Place Epernay will be shifted towards the sea. On top of the dune there will be a park-like green square where events can take place.

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Integral approach

The construction of the new casino building was an excellent opportunity for the designers to also address water safety (dyke reinforcement), the quality of the public space, making the sea dyke car-free and connecting the Epernayplein with the sea.

The design of the casino in Middelkerke takes a run at what is anticipated and expected of a building with that function. Casinos are often conceived as a closed box, where activities take place behind lock and key. In Middelkerke, we opt for a casino that connects to the public dune landscape. It transforms the sea dyke into a unique destination of encounters, games, culture and entertainment along the Belgian coast.


  • Finite energy sources are used sustainably, primarily by avoiding waste, but also by using recycled materials and more efficient production processes.
  • Environmental criteria weigh as heavily as functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, safety and economic value.
  • A nice example of a well-considered, energy-saving application in the project is the cantilevering dune on top of the ground floor and the terraces of the hotel tower. These cantilever out from the external joinery and provide shade in the hot summer months. Combined with night cooling, this will significantly reduce the demand for active cooling.
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As executive architects, we help the designing architects with all technical and financial issues so that they can fully focus on the design. We also monitor the implementation and ensure that the objectives and plan are always crystal clear for all partners, so that together we can realise our dreams.

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Gevel Casino

Installation of wood siding.

All 150 pieces.
Each 3x3 m high.
A rate of 15/day.

Or in say two weeks the casino is wrapped with an Accoya* wood 'voile'!
The wooden facade is anchored to the terraces with steel brackets.

*Produced sustainably and with a low carbon footprint, Accoya is actively contributing to a circular, bio-based economy.

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BIM-modelleur Alexander Vandenberghe, geflankeerd door collega Laura Rombaut, kreeg tussen het goedkeuren van de bouwaanvraag en de start van de werf welgeteld twee maanden om te modelleren. De werf zat m.a.w. het virtuele bouwen op de hielen. Behalve ontwerpen en zorgen dat ook bouwtechnisch alle elementen tot op de cm juist staan coördineerde hij tussendoor ook nog even de modellen van de andere disciplines.
Geometrisch is het casino één grote uitdaging. Alexander heeft het liever over kansen. Rechte elementen zijn schaars in het model. Met visual programmering creëerde onze modelleurs alle geometrieën in dit model zonder de traditionele handmatige tools te gebruiken.

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Klaas 569 A0538 Gemiddeld

"The casino building is in a very special location between dike and dune which requires a well-founded interpretation of the existing normative framework in order to arrive at a feasible and sustainable whole. A complex decision process that requires extensive expertise from specialists. A butt of the BB hand, therefore.😅" dixit project architect Klaas Calle.

Our experts

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Elien Coppitters 2714

ir. arch. Elien Coppitters

Project architect
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Tatjana 569 A1614 Gemiddeld

ir. arch. Tatjana Bogaert

Project architect
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Klaas 569 A0538 Gemiddeld

dr. ir. arch. Klaas Calle

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From Team Computer Aided Design & BIM (2)

Alexander 569 A1665 Gemiddeld

arch. Alexander Vandenberghe

Technical designer
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Laura 569 A6623 Gemiddeld

arch. Laura Rombaut

Technisch ontwerper
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From Team Sustainability, Energy & Comfort (3)

Jona 569 A6702 Large

ir. arch. Jona Van Steenkiste

Energy and sustainability advisor
EPB reporter
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Katrien 569 A0552 Gemiddeld

ir. arch. Katrien Van Lierop

Energie- en duurzaamheidsadviseur
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Emma 569 A0561 Gemiddeld

ir. arch. Emma Van De Steene

Energy and sustainability advisor
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From Team Façade engineering (1)

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arch. Raf De Preter

Expert bouwdetails
Adviseur gevel
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prof. arch. Jan Moens

General Director
Head of Research & Development Department
Managing Director
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