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Building physics, Comfort & Well-being

Putting your well-being in our hands is an exaggeration. Promoting it by helping you on your way with the right building physics advice we can.

The lifetime of sustainable buildings can only be secured if the building envelope's physical robustness is assured. Ditto for occupant comfort and well-being.


Building physics

For building physics advice at the construction detail level, you have come to the right place.

We have mastered all aspects of the building envelope. In addition to structural engineering aspects, we also focus on building physics, sustainability of materials and circular building principles.

Awareness of building physics principles is essential for building construction detailing. After all, we want to avoid moisture damage and comfort nuisance.
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We investigate and evaluate the hygrothermal behaviour of building envelopes and building nodes with specialised software (WUFI 1D or 2D).

We also calculate the thermal performance of building envelopes, from composite walls over window profiles to building nodes, statically or dynamically with specialised software (Physibel Trisco, Bisco and Voltra).
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On-site investigation

Our specialists can carry out on-site thermographic analyses of your building envelope, combined with thermal calculations if required.

With a blower-door device in hand, we look for air leaks in the building envelope of existing or new buildings.

We can also examine the indoor air quality with one of the measuring devices.

With data loggers, we monitor the outdoor and indoor climate, also over a longer period of time.

We own various moisture meters that we are happy to use in the context of consultancy assignments and expertises.
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In short, you can come to us for an in-depth analysis of your building's envelope. Our well-founded advice will provide you with a set of realistic recommendations that you can put into practice.

Comfort and well-being

We experience the space we are in primarily through our senses. The visual and thermal comfort, but also the quality of the air, largely determine our experience. Moreover, they are important indicators for healthy buildings. So it is best to keep them in balance.

Climate responsive design

With the principles of CLEAR and climate responsive design in mind, we look with you at how to design your building envelope more optimally.

If we design the building envelope more correctly, we reduce the proportion of artificial lighting, heating and cooling. Your comfort thankfully does not.

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"Buildings that are more consciously designed consume less energy and consequently have a favourable impact on our climate. That's already quite a lot of meaning, but what matters most to me is letting people live healthy and comfortable lives. Both at home and at work. 

Daylight, for instance, is essential for our physical and mental health. Optimal use of daylight promotes users' well-being and sense of happiness. If architects and ir techniques think about this more consciously and preferably together during the design phase of a building, it would be a game-changer,"
says daylighting specialist Martijn.

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We use specialised software to gain insight into visual comfort within your project. With measuring tools, we determine daylight penetration, quality of view and any discomfort due to glare, for example.

Dynamic simulations assess summer comfort and risk of overheating in your building. Together with the design team, we look for solutions by considering different façade designs, shading and ventilation strategies.

No worries, we translate our findings into well-founded and realistic recommendations that you can work on in a targeted way.
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Meet our specialists

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ir. arch. Robbe Verelst

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Other types of advice energy & building physics

Energy studies & EPB

Energy-efficient buildings can preferably do without a lot of technical installations. We help you in the right direction by providing energetic advice within the integral sustainability of your building.
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