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Integral sustainability

We give you informed advice for a sustainable world.

Our sustainability advisers help you put your sustainability ambitions into words. So that, at the start of your project, you clearly understand what you are aiming for and what efforts this requires.

Our advisors will be happy to guide you and your ambitions during all phases of the construction project.

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations, both here and in other parts of the world.
UN Brundtland Commission, 1987

We strive for high-quality, sustainable and future-oriented buildings. We do this by starting from the desired lifespan of the building and all its components.

The sooner the better

A clear vision around sustainability is included. This goes without saying. Preferably as early as the sketch design stage. If you include the guidelines of our sustainability advisers from this early stage, you minimise potential adjustments in the further course of your project.

From the design phase, for example?

You can call on us during your design process to talk about sustainability in general or in detail about partial aspects of it. We master all factors that contribute to a sustainable, qualitative and future-oriented building. Even those you have not yet thought of.

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Let's GRO

Before we develop a plan of action, we review with you which sustainability aspects fit within your brief. We use sustainability meters to validate what we preach. So we leave no stone unturned in promoting the use of sustainability meter GRO among our partners.

GRO is a manual developed by Het Facilitair Bedrijf (The agency Facilitair Bedrijf supports Flemish government entities with various services such as facilities, real estate, document management and public procurement.) with the ambition of achieving future-oriented buildings through an integrated design process.

Because we do what we can to encourage the transition to more circularity, we actively help the three regions in the further development of the GRO tool and regularly stand in front of the GRO class.

So you can sleep on both your ears, GRO has no secrets for us.

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Our ambitions are not just limited to the building. We design nature-inclusively and take into account heat island effects, for example, to limit our impact on the environment.

Extreme rain showers and low groundwater tables will become more frequent in the future. With rainwater buffering, infiltration and reuse, buildings are better armed against periods of excess and scarcity. That is why we are passionate in evaluating rainwater treatment and grey and black water drainage systems.

Green Deal Nature-inclusive Pareas


We do not leave your building to its fate even after completion. By training the building users in a friendly but firm manner, we cash in on the sustainable efforts we made as a construction team.

Information in the PID, BIM model and materials passport encourages repair, reuse and recycling for many years after completion.

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Knowledge sharing

We encourage the construction sector to build qualitatively. We share our knowledge and insights with universities, CeDuBo, Flanders Circular, ie-net, Pixii, the BVA, the NAV, Buildwise and Embuild.

You can count on us to be aware of the applicable standards and laws. More than that, we often help think about tomorrow's obligations. So rest assured that our colleagues will get to work for you well-informed.

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Other types of advice sustainable & circular building

Environmental impact

A life cycle assessment calculates the total environmental impact of your construction project. You were already this far. We go one step further in your search for optimisations.
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Circular building

From demolition to disassembly. From welding and gluing to nailing and screwing. Our recycling specialists will be happy to guide you through the transition from linear to circular.
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