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Building audits

We help you as a building owner to really get to know your building.

The building in question does not always immediately reveal its strengths and weaknesses. As the owner or potential buyer of a building, you can call on our experts. We examine the building for you. Completely or focused on one aspect. This could be fire safety, but also the state of the roofs or the way the facade is constructed.

What's in a name?

For us, a technical due diligence of a building is an audit. So is a general screening of an existing building.


NEN 2767

During a site visit, we can proceed with a fine-tooth comb and map everything from footfall height to settlement joint. Of course, we can also zoom out and focus on the essentials only, if the assignment requires it.

We are guided by the principles of the standard for condition state measurement of buildings aka NEN2767.


NEN 2767 and beyond

We look beyond the slavish application of the NEN. We go the extra mile and always try to identify the most likely causes of defects and the most appropriate solutions for you.

We do not usually leave it at a visual inspection. We also thoroughly go through the building's as-built file: plans, technical sheets, asbestos inventory, previous expert assessments, etc.

If necessary, we do additional analyses in situ with additional research material such as moisture measurement or data logging. Or we engage a contractor to carry out destructive testing.

For stability advice, laboratory research into concrete damage or very special questions concerning technical installations, we call in a specialised subcontractor. In this way, we paint as complete a picture of your building as possible.

What's in it for you?

We provide you with an audit report that answers questions such as:

  • What are the serious, serious or rather minor defects?
  • In what condition are the main building components and when will they reach the end of their useful life?
  • Have breaches been identified in terms of fire, accessibility, Codex Welfare at Work, etc.?
  • Does the built condition correspond to the licensed condition?
  • What energy performance do the various building components achieve?

After our passage, no more bodies will fall out of the closet and you will have an overview of what works need to be done in the short or long term.

A building audit is often a crucial sub-study within a feasibility study and sometimes for a maintenance recommendation.

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Do you have a question for one of our specialists?

ir. arch. Arno Van Hulle will be happy to help you.

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