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Circular building

From demolition to disassembly. From welding and gluing to nailing and screwing. Our recycling specialists will be happy to guide you through the transition from linear to circular.

A building is circular or is not (anymore)

In the near future, a new building will no longer be completely new. And not all materials are owned by the user. Circular thinking and building is now the norm. Or should be.

Our circular construction specialists motivate their clients to implement the principles of circular construction in their projects. Not tabula rasa wise, but tailored to your project, the building and the location.

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Circular construction keeps buildings, elements and materials in the loop. And we are happy to contribute to this together with you.

What exactly is a circular building?

A circular building is

  • a temporary gathering of products, components and materials
  • with a documented identity,
  • in a form that performs a defined function for a defined period of time,
  • whereby the origin and possible repurposing are documented
  • and remain so.

In the supply and disposal of materials, the focus is on preservation, reuse, upcycle and finally recycle. The order is not coincidental.

Circular construction does not have the building as its end goal.
ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten

In an interview with Circubuild, Nadja Van Houten, circular building specialist from the very beginning and member of Team Knowledge, Innovation & Technology, lets us look into her circular dreams.

"I dare say that we are along with everything that moves around circular building. Today, we do not focus on one specific aspect of the sustainable building principle, but take a holistic view and always try to apply the most feasible mix of circular interventions in each project."

Read the interview

Knowledge and research

From the start, we helped to investigate how the construction sector could evolve in a circular way.

We continue to gather knowledge by e.g. participating in numerous study days and master classes, in knowledge sharing projects of the VUB and Flanders Circular, NAV workshops, brainstorm sessions with manufacturers and the Green Deal Circular Building.

We lead several research projects with the support of Flanders Circular.

For you, this means that we are at the cutting edge of circularity and will fervently defend the principles of circular construction in every collaboration. Of course, always within the context and possibilities of your project.
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Curious about the circular optimisations of your project?

Jona or Katrien are at your disposal.

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