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Energy renovations

Providing your property with a high-performance energy label is a challenge right up our alley.

A thorough renovation of a building is subject to tough requirements in terms of energy performance, and rightly so. With a view to achieving the Flemish climate objectives by 2050, whereby the entire existing building stock must achieve a high-performance energy label, among other things, major renovation efforts are needed.

Doing so in a sustainable way requires a technically correct approach.

An energy renovation is a balancing act between energy efficiency, cost-benefit, comfort, building management in use phase and a sustainable choice of materials.

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What exactly is it about?

An energy renovation leads to a reduction in energy consumption and an increase in comfort within your building. To achieve this in a technically sustainable way, an integrated approach with a vision of the whole is crucial. We do not go for less.

You can call on our diverse team of general construction-technical experts supplemented by roof, façade or building physics specialists.

If you have other, specific questions, we can also include external experts in our team, such as a design architect, a stability engineer, a technical installations study bureau or a restoration architect with whom we have worked successfully in the past.
What do our building physics experts say?
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Feasibility study

For us, an energy renovation always starts with a thorough analysis of the existing situation and mapping out the possible renovation scenarios.

The current performance in terms of energy consumption and comfort plays a key role here. We map out your heating and cooling requirements in detail and make an accurate assessment of the measures that will have the greatest impact, both in terms of reducing consumption and increasing comfort.

What does a feasibility study entail?
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Working method

We summarise the findings of the feasibility study in an overall renovation concept. This is the first and most important step towards realising your dream.

We now know what to do to actually realise the renovation. If (aesthetic) design decisions need to be made, we work together with a designing architect. If necessary, they can submit an application for an environmental permit together with us.

Once everything is finalised, we compile a tender dossier and supervise the actual tendering process if you wish. You can rest assured that we work thoroughly and accurately.


On site

On site, you can count on us to monitor the technical quality of the works. From the start-up meeting to delivery.

  • We check whether the products used comply with the provisions in our specifications, legislation and standards, and the general rules of good workmanship.
  • We ensure that the site meeting runs smoothly and meaningfully. You can judge for yourself from our report.
  • We double-check the contractor's invoice amount down to the decimal point.

During implementation, we keep a close eye on the predetermined energy consumption targets. So we do not go light on adjustments. If we find it necessary, we check the quality of the work carried out using a thermal camera or an interim blower measurement.

As the client, you are informed of every step we take. Not because we think you have time to spare, but because we see added value in our cooperation.

Meet our specialists

From Team Renovation, Restoration & Maintenance (5)

Alexander S

ir. arch. Alexander Scheepers

Project architect
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BB Arno oct 2014

ir. arch. Arno Van Hulle

Project architect
Maintenance consultant
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Bert 569 A0759 Gemiddeld

arch. Bert Van den Bergh

Project architect
Advisor renovation & restoration
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Katalin 569 A0733 Gemiddeld

arch. Katalin Urban

Technical expert
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Stephanie Van Goethem

ir. arch. Stephanie Van Goethem

Project architect
Facade renovation consultant
Expert damage diagnosis and repair of concrete
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From Team Sustainability, Energy & Comfort (3)

BB Robbe oct2014

ir. arch. Robbe Verelst

Energy and sustainability advisor
Building physics engineer
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Emma 569 A0561 Gemiddeld

ir. arch. Emma Van De Steene

Energy and sustainability advisor
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B B Martijn Vyncke 8087 Large

ing. Martijn Vyncke

Energy advisor
Daylight expert
Consultant technical installations
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