Innovation & Research

We want to leave the built world in better condition than we found it.

Our sector faces major challenges: climate-proof and low-carbon construction, attention to biodiversity and ecosystems, water-conscious construction, sustainable use of raw materials, life-cycle-proof construction, the transition to a circular economy...

The momentum is there to turn those challenges into opportunities. For today and tomorrow, but certainly also in the slightly longer term.

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We have had a reputation for being pioneers since BB was founded in 1995. Both in the field of developing innovative building methods, concepts and techniques, advising on building technology and in circular and sustainable construction.

Working at BB means working in a learning environment. We do not consider keeping your knowledge and skills on the cutting edge a merit here. We challenge our colleagues to want to know more, think long-term and dare to be stubborn if it serves a greater purpose. Not to follow the flow, but to shift stones in it.

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We feel it is our social duty to make a meaningful contribution to our built environment, create added value in the projects we realise and have a proper impact on the world of tomorrow.

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  • We set up innovation projects that can lead to new services, prototypes or more efficient work processes. We do this solo or in cooperation with partners.
  • We seize opportunities that arise in the context of concrete assignments to start up a project-related innovation process.

Do you have an innovative idea you want to explore? Would you prefer to do this together with a partner? Or do you need a creative approach to a specific problem in the innovation process? In either case, feel free to call us.

Find out more about the tool we are developing with Nextensa for BIM
Green Deal

Green deal circular construction

In early 2019, Flanders Circular, OVAM and the Flemish Confederation of Construction launched the Green Deal Circular Building. Through this joint commitment, 320 organisations are working together to make circular building a daily reality in Flanders in the future.

Of course, circular building specialist ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten was not missing from the appeal.


You can call on our expertise whenever you are in need of research. Our specialists are at home in many markets and always ready to sink their teeth into new challenges or opportunities.

They will help you to the best of their ability and provide you with a well-founded answer so that you can proceed with your development or design with peace of mind.

Research is why clients call on us. You can expect us to know where the clapper hangs. This is so because we do not get satisfaction from what is standard. You can trust that your research question is in good hands with us.

Keep an eye on us, you will definitely come across us on platforms where we share our knowledge and insights into new evolutions with the wider construction industry.
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Are you a building products manufacturer, architect, developer, contractor or software manufacturer looking for a partner for an innovation in the construction industry?

The only way to turn challenges into opportunities is to work together, share knowledge and learn from each other.

Meet our team facilitating innovations & research within BB

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prof. arch. Jan Moens

General Director
Head of Research & Development Department
Managing Director
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prof. arch. Johan Cordonnier

Project architect
Expert construction details
Façade advisor
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Marleen 569 A0680 Gemiddeld

ir. arch. Marleen Meulenbergs

Technisch expert
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Nadja 569 A3492 Gemiddeld

ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten

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prof. ir. arch. Paulus Present

BIM manager
Technisch ontwerper
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arch. Raf De Preter

Expert bouwdetails
Adviseur gevel
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prof. dr. ir. arch. Nathan Van Den Bossche

Technisch expert
Ruben Large

ir. arch. Ruben Van Vooren

Project architect
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