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Technical representative of the client

The building owner can call on the expertise of our specialists in assessing the technical quality of the building to be constructed just before and during the construction phase.
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As the technical representative of you, the client, we take care of your project like a good family man. You can count on being able to come out at the end with a high-quality building.

We monitor and assess whether your expectations are met. We do this by checking whether your project is planned and executed in accordance with the technical rules and regulations, relevant legislation and quality standards. Just as you envisage it.

You are involved throughout the process and proactively kept informed of its progress. Not because we like to take up a lot of your time, but because we believe in the impact of our cooperation.

Do you lack in-depth technical knowledge of the construction world yourself, or do you find yourself pressed for time to follow up the works yourself? Either way, we will take care of that for you.

On site

Before the works start, we are completely on the same wavelength. On site, we are your representative. We have an alert presence, signal deviations in terms of legislation, standards and rules of good workmanship and prevent the site from getting out of hand.

We are not troublemakers. But no wimps either. We like an open and respectful dialogue in which constructive but clear language is spoken.

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We work on your behalf with the architect, contractor and other members of the construction team. Not that we question their expertise, but we are happy to look at the tender dossier and execution with an extra pair of knowledgeable eyes.

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Technical construction advice

As a technical representative, you can expect us to advise you on the general construction aspects of the building. If required, we call upon our specific areas of expertise such as fire safety.

Our main focus is on delivering a sustainable and low-maintenance building. That is why we look in particular at the shell of the building and the wind and waterproofing.

Other types of architecture

Executive architect

We help the designing architect with all technical and financial issues so that they can fully focus on the design.
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Coordinating architect

We sit at the project table as a representative of the builder, architect or design team and take over the organisation of the construction process.
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