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Environmental impact materials

A life cycle assessment calculates the total environmental impact of your construction project. You were already this far. We go one step further in your search for optimisations.

As energy consumption falls due to increasingly stringent EPB requirements, the relative contribution of building materials to the overall ecological footprint of buildings increases. Including yours.

Green or Greenwashing?

Besides the technical, aesthetic, economic and legal aspects of building products and building elements, we also look at sustainability. Our choices are partly determined by the entire life cycle and all relevant environmental aspects. Not only do we do this thoroughly, we also avoid greenwashing.

It is not inconceivable that every product traded in Europe receives an environmental declaration according to the same calculation method. Useful for consumers or producers when choosing products with a low environmental impact.

Designing buildings without considering the environment puts a mortgage on our future.
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TOTEM is a tool created to map the life cycle of materials. The three Belgian regions joined forces to support the Belgian construction sector in reducing the environmental impact of its buildings. They were able to count on the support and advice of our sustainability advisers.

Our advisors manage the TOTEM helpdesk, stand in front of the TOTEM class and provide hands-on feedback so that the tool can be used in the best possible way.

On behalf of OVAM, together with Buildwise, we developed a practical guide
with guidelines, strategies and steps to qualitatively integrate the use of TOTEM into your assignment.

See the guide
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Of course, our sustainability consultants Jona Van Steenkiste and Katrien Van Lierop also use the tool to inspire and encourage you to make your design environmentally proof for the future.

Unlike the EPB calculation methodology that only looks at the impact in the use phase, TOTEM evaluates the environmental impact of building materials throughout their entire life cycle, from extraction of raw materials to demolition or reuse.

Do you also have a TOTEM question?

Jona or Katrien are ready for it.

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