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Woonbal Nijlen

Architects ASPVM and BOT architektuurcollectief appointed us as sustainability consultant for a sustainable residential area in Nijlen.
  • Architect: ASPVM i.c.w. BOT architektuurcollectief

  • Client: KLEMO

  • Surface: 3.854 m²

  • Budget: € 6.115.000

  • Timing: 2021 -2024

  • Status: Design phase

  • Photographer: ASPVM – BOT architektuurcollectief

  • Advisors: BEC (stability), Enerdo (techniques, EPB, safety coordination), TAK (environment), Bureau Bouwtechniek (sustainability consultant)

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Sustainable and collective housing estate with 37 entities in the "Ophoven" inner area near Nijlen railway station.

At Bureau Bouwtechniek, we strive for high-quality, sustainable, future-oriented buildings. Everything hinges on the desired and/or expected lifespan of (all parts of) the building. The lifespan determines all the choices that will be made during the process.

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The area will be minimally paved. All homes have a front garden area with a planted rain garden for sustainable water management. The building concept relies heavily on prefabrication and modularity by means of timber-frame construction, uses no fossil fuels and will be tested by us against the GRO sustainability meter.

With our advice, we try to incorporate as many sustainable features as possible in the design.

Sustainability meter

Bureau Bouwtechniek monitors the works using GRO, the sustainability meter of the Flemish government.

GRO includes all criteria that can be related to sustainable construction. This tool makes the various sustainable aspects measurable and allows us to link them during the various phases of a building project - design, execution and delivery. We are convinced that this working method is the key to realising a sustainable building.

GRO is used as a guidance tool in this project.

Sustainability meter GRO is the ideal tool for discussing and taking the sustainability of a project to the next level in assignments like this one.

More about GRO
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Besides GRO follow-up, we also provide additional advice on circular construction and carry out a TOTEM analysis.

The TOTEM analysis shows the environmental impact of the new design and investigates optimisations to reduce this environmental impact.

Learn more about the environmental impact of materials

Our sustainability specialists

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GRO what?

Our sustainability advisers will be happy to tell you why GRO is an added value for your project too. And for the world.

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