Museum MAS

Architect: Neutelings Riedijk Architecten (Rotterdam)
Client: Stad Antwerpen gedelegeerd bouwheer AGVESPA
Advisors: ABT (stability), M&R Engineering (special techniques), Daidalos Peutz (acoustics) Ifset (fire safety, Memubar (safety coordinator)
Location: Antwerpen
Surface: 20.000 m²  
Timing: 2006 - 2010
Budget : € 33.000.000 
Status: realized

© Sarah Blee - Jan De Ruyver

Project support I Collaboration

Construction of a new museum for the exhibition and centralisation of the collections from the 'Vleeshuis', 'Steen' and 'Folklore Museum' concerning the industrial, marine and sociological history of the port of Antwerp. On the roof of the spiralling museum tower are a banquet hall and restaurant, on the ground floor a grand café connects to the large public square where some commercial pavilions were built.

Energy-low building
The museum tower has 2 climate zones:

  • a conditioned climate in the exhibition halls
  • a fluctuating semi-outdoor climate in the spiral route.

The floors of the spiral towers are equipped with water pipes that serve as floor heating during the winter. In the intermediate seasons, the heat which comes into the building on the sunny side is taken up by the water pipes and transported to the building's cold side. The excess heat is stored in a buffer vessel by which the building is heated in the morning. During the summer, the excess heat is dissipated through the water system and cooled using water from the Scheldt River.

Bureau Bouwtechniek is responsible for the complete technical-construction support of the architecture practice NRA from competition stage onwards. BB is responsible for the technical assistance during the design process, drawing of plans and sections ready for tender, the development of the technical construction details, the writing and coordination of the building specifications, the cost estimates. BB ensures cost control throughout all the stages, until completion. BB is project architect throughout the construction phase.

Team BB: arch. Mark Sette, ir. arch. Toon Kalhöfer, arch. Bart Van den Bossche