Architect: BEL
Client: TMVW 
Advisors: Bureau d'études Weinand (Stability),  Landinzicht (landscape) 
Location: Beersel 
Volume: 2500 m³ 
Timing: 2010 - 2015 
Budget: € 1.700.000 
Status: realized 

© Bart Devillé

Construction of a new water tower in Beersel. The new water tower is designed as an inverted pyramid; triangular in floorplan with a lower side of 6 m, 24 m above and 36 m high. Asymmetric in all directions.

The classic water tower as a water silo: a tower filled with water from the bottom up to the ridge. Only the essence remains: a simple conical volume with a maximum volume of water. A hexagonal foundation sole wears the enormous forces to the soil.

© Karin Van Eygen

The water silo protrudes 31 meters above ground level. For the construction 440 tons of reinforcing steel and 1,650 m³ of concrete was used. The silo filled weighs 6,600 tons. The hexagonal floor sole is armed with 310 kg / m³, the walls with 256 kg / m³. Below the concrete walls are 70 cm thick. They were coated on the inside with a special waterproof membrane.

Bureau Bouwtechniek
BB was responsible for the study and monitoring of the techniques and punctual advice regarding the waterproofing.

Team BB: prof. arch. Jan Moens, Glen Verdyck