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Social housing tower Peterbospark 12

Together with HUB and Radar architects, we are renovating Building 12 in a social housing estate in Anderlecht. From feasibility study to completion.
  • Architect: HUB and RADAR architecten i.c.w. Bureau Bouwtechniek

  • Client: Foyer Anderlechtois / Anderlechtse Haard

  • Budget: €16 991 289

  • Timing: 2018 - 2026

  • Status: In execution

  • Photographer: Sarah Blee

  • Advisors: ABT (stability), CES (techniques), Bureau Bouwtechniek (EPB), Kamar (safety coordination)

The Peterbospark social housing estate in Anderlecht consists of some 20 residential buildings from the 1970s. These for the most part medium-height buildings contain about 100 flats and are planned free-standing on a spacious plot. This creates a park context at ground level.

We investigated the feasibility of tower block 12 (65 flats) and are supervising its renovation together with the architects.

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Part of the buildings are owned by the social housing company Anderlechtse Haard / Foyer Anderlechtois.

After an initial feasibility study involving the design team, it was decided to draw up a renovation dossier for four of the buildings to completely renew the facades and technical installations.

Daglicht Peterbospark12

Daylighting Peterbos 12

As part of the building application, we investigated daylighting in the flats based on the European standard NBN EN 17037 Daylight in buildings (2019).

According to the standard, a minimum of 0.7% daylight is required on 95% of the usable floor area, and a room with minimum quality needs a daylight factor of 2% on at least 50% of the usable floor area. Classrooms score medium if they have 3.3% daylight at 50% of usable floor area.

Our study concludes that in the current configuration of the design, all accommodation spaces meet the minimum requirement of the standard.

The geometry of the rooms and the depth in relation to the external façade are the determining factor in terms of daylighting in the current version of the plans.

As executive architects, we help the designing architects with all technical and financial issues so that they can fully focus on the design. We also monitor the implementation and ensure that the objectives and plan are always crystal clear for all partners, so that together we can realise our dreams.

Meet our specialists

From Team Renovation, Restoration & Maintenance (2)

BB Arno oct 2014

ir. arch. Arno Van Hulle

Project architect
Maintenance consultant
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Katalin 569 A0733 Gemiddeld

arch. Katalin Urban

Technical expert
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From Team Architecture (French-speaking) (1)

Ilse 569 A0601 Gemiddeld

arch. Ilse Deckmyn

Project architect
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From Team Sustainability, Energy & Comfort (1)

BB Robbe oct2014

ir. arch. Robbe Verelst

Energy and sustainability advisor
Building physics engineer
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Social housing buildings 4, 7 and 13

On the same site, we are also renovating buildings 4, 7 and 13. Buildings 4 and 7 (96 flats each) are almost identical copies, building 13 (104 residential units) differs slightly in terms of flat types and has a different orientation.

Unique to the renovation of buildings 4, 7 and 13 is that they will remain inhabited during the works.

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