Officebuilding "Boerentoren"

Architect: Bureau voor Architectuur en Stabiliteit Dirk Jaspaert (BAS)
Client: KBC
Location: Antwerp  
Timing: 2000 - 2012  
Status: realized

Technical renovation support I Façades & terraces

Study and monitoring of various projects: the work for replacement of the entire exterior joinery in 2 non-contiguous phases (1250 aluminium and 260 steel windows), the renovation of terraces and roofs of the 7th and the 9th floor, modifications in the context of fire safety.

Feasibility study
BB delivered a thorough technical, practical, aesthetic and energy evaluation and inventory of the different scenarios for the renovation of the exterior joinery, including a multiple cost estimate.

Based on the specific and substantiated choice of the client, technical and administrative specifications and a detailed bill of quantity (tender form) was drawn up after the preliminary study.

BB assisted in the tendering procedures, the comparison of the bids and gave advice to the client in the selection of the optimal contractor.

BB also advised the client based on a screening test and quality-testing of the prospective contractors.

Bureau Bouwtechniek monitored the implementation of the work following strict, detailed planning and precise coordination. The follow-up was carried out adhering to the preconditions that the building needed to remain fully operational during the work and the stringent timing was respected.

BB assisted in the provisional and final delivery and was responsible for the safety coordination during the entire construction process.

Team BB: arch. John Pipeleers, int. arch. Ann Vanderveken, ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten, prof. arch. Jan Moens