Den Wolsack

Client: Herita vzw
Location: Antwerp
Timing: 2019-2020
Status: realized

Technical advice I Energy feasibility study

Energy audit of the Den Wolsack monument in Antwerp to improve energy efficiency and user comfort. The main building of Den Wolsack has been established as architectural heritage and protected as a monument.

The energy audit, with a proposal for energy saving measures, can be used as a basis for granting premiums for the additional costs related to the energy saving measures. In close contact with the Erfgoedenergieloket (advisory body of the Agency for Real Estate Heritage in connection with energy audits), energy saving measures are proposed which can be included in the later permit and premium dossier. The energy audit of immovable heritage is based on the European directive EN ISO 16883.

A first step within the 'energy audit real estate heritage' is the analysis of the existing energy efficiency of the building and the associated energy losses. An inventory of the entire building envelope and the existing technical installations is made during a site visit: 

  • moisture measurements,  
  • thermographic images (when conditions are right),  
  • qualitative salt analyses,  
  • and any additional data loggers. 

Various energy-saving measures are proposed for each part of the building envelope (facades, roofs, floors, external joinery) and the technical installations. 

The impact of the different measures will be examined, taking into account the heritage value, the constructional risks and the financial impact. 

Within the structural risks, the risk of surface or internal condensation as well as the risk of mould and wood rot are examined by means of specialised software. 

In addition, the problems of rising damp and the presence of salts are investigated. 

On the basis of the feasibility study, a choice for a number of measures is justified.

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