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Together with Erfgoed en Visie, we were responsible for the masterplan and restoration of Rubens Castle in Zemst.
  • Architect: Erfgoed en Visie

  • Client: Flemish Government - Flanders Special Venues - Agency for Facility Management

  • Timing: 2023 - 2024

  • Status: In execution

  • Advisors: Environment (landscape), Bureau Bouwtechniek (sustainability), Triconsult (stability), Herelixka (techniques), Studio Dott (wayfinding), United Experts (supporting experts)

Rubens Castle and its domain will play an important role in the story collection of the "Flemish Castles and Gardens Network". The site will be an example for similar sites in Flanders.

This project will also investigate how contemporary and potential problems and questions can be addressed in a historic building. The results of this research will inspire other projects in terms of energy, sustainability and integral accessibility.

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Sustainability meter

After selecting the sustainable efforts to be implemented, we follow up the works using the Flemish government's GRO sustainability meter, which has been the new guide for future-oriented building since 2016.

This tool makes the various sustainable aspects measurable and allows us to link them during the various life phases of a building - design, implementation and use.

We are convinced that this working method is the key to achieving a sustainable building.

As sustainability coordinator, we are responsible for:

  • sustainability advice
  • advice on circular construction
  • and the energy study.

Meet our sustainability expert

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ir. arch. Robbe Verelst

Energy and sustainability advisor
Building physics engineer
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Wondering what else we have up our sleeves when it comes to sustainability consulting?

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