Circular design

Colleagues Raf De Preter and Jan Moens supervise circular design assignment at UGent.
Duurzaam Ontspannen 3

The 1st Master students of Studio A and Atelier Architectuurontwerp en Bouwdetail at Ghent University were commissioned by Sogent to design a circular relaxation and meeting space on the campus of Tech Lane Ghent Science Park.

Our colleague Raf De Preter, together with Atelier leader Jan Moens, put his shoulders to the students and their project.

The business park set the bar high for its sustainability ambitions. The students took up the challenge to design only with circular or second-hand materials, within a certain budget.

The result is impressive. The pavilions were constructed from used greenhouse structures and are immediately the eye-catcher of the site.

"It is impressive to see the final result," the students gloat. "Working with circular materials certainly brings challenges, but our project shows that it is possible. The realisation that we as designers can really mean something to society has fully dawned on us thanks to this project."

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