Four funded research projects for Vlaanderen Circulair

We are doing what we can to promote the transition to more circular construction. We therefore sought partners and stakeholders to join us on a circular journey.
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Developing a circular model environment for residential projects.

Circularity is still little known in the residential real estate market. It is a fast-paced sector with many stakeholders who have to make many decisions. To help circular construction break through there, we are developing a tool for the BIM modelling environment together with Nextensa, which will quickly give all parties insight into the circular opportunities of their building project.

Circ gevelrenovatie

A circular system for facade renovations on a large scale.

By looking at shared characteristics between buildings on a larger scale, the circularity of a facade renovation system can succeed. Together with UGent, Algemene Bouw Maes nv and De Witte Aluminiumconstructies, we are developing a sustainable modular reusable façade renovation system. It will allow existing buildings to be quickly renovated in a circular way.

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Tendering school building projects circularly? Yes we can!

When renovating two buildings on a school campus at UAntwerp, the project team is convinced of the benefits of circular construction.

Specifically, we want to focus on an inventory of circular products and services, as well as create greater support for circular building principles by raising awareness of the topic among the various construction partners of building projects.

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Circular construction: working together, the key to success.

Together with Jansen By ODS, Lootens, Buurman Antwerp and Franck, we examine the opportunities and bottlenecks of a collaboration around the circularity of building materials.

These specialists will be happy to tell you more about it.

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Energie- en duurzaamheidsadviseur
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Energy and sustainability advisor
EPB reporter
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Energy and sustainability advisor
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