BB becomes a cooperative

Bureau Bouwtechniek is evolving into a worker cooperative, with the current owners aiming to maximise share distribution among BB employees.

We believe that maintaining our independence is essential to being socially alert and ecologically aware. We highly value our identity. As do staying true to our individuality. In short, for us it is crucial that BB remains BB in the future.

That that future will eventually, nobody stays young forever, have to lead to a change in ownership structure is beyond doubt. That this change will lead to an organically evolving structure that offers continuity across generations as far as we are concerned, too.

BB is an organisation where people come to great things in trust, employees assume prominent roles, get and take responsibility. Involving BB'ers in the ownership of our organisation therefore feels like a logical step in the evolution of Bureau Bouwtechniek.

With these conditions in mind, we searched for a sustainable business model that would enable us to continue achieving our long-term goals.

For us, the decision to take Bureau Bouwtechniek into the future as a cooperative was the right step.

Different and still 100% BB!