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We have already dealt with 3,000 enquirers through the TOTEM helpdesk.
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As energy consumption decreases due to increasingly stringent EPB requirements, the relative contribution of building materials to the overall ecological footprint of buildings increases.

To support the Belgian construction sector in objectifying and reducing the environmental impact of buildings, the three regions have developed TOTEM (Tool to Optimise the Total Environmental Impact of Materials).

Bureau Bouwtechniek NV, together with the ICEDD - Institut de Conseil et d'Etudes en Développement Durable, supports the three regions in communicating and supporting the use of TOTEM.

Our sustainability consultants Jona Van Steenkiste and Katrien Van Lierop manage the TOTEM helpdesk, provide training and also review the functionality of the tool.

Naturally, Jona and Katrien also use the tool to inspire and encourage you to make your design environmentally proof for the future. Unlike the EPB calculation method, which only looks at the impact in the use phase, TOTEM evaluates the environmental impact of building materials throughout their entire life cycle, from extraction of raw materials to demolition or reuse.

On behalf of OVAM, we developed together with Buildwise a practical guide with guidelines, strategies and steps to qualitatively integrate the use of TOTEM in your assignment.

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What TOTEM can do for your project?

It is best to ask our specialists Jona Van Steenkiste and Katrien Van Lierop directly.