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Albertbuilding residential complex

Stéphane Beel Architects asked us to act as sustainability consultant for the replacement building of the Albert Building in the Casablanca neighbourhood in Leuven.
  • Architect: Stéphane Beel Architects

  • Client: Dijledal cvba

  • Surface: 7.000 m²

  • Budget: € 13.194.000

  • Timing: 2020 - 2024

  • Status: In execution

  • Photographer: BEEL architecten

  • Advisors: BAS bvba (stability), RCR (techniques), Enerdo (EPB), Resol (safety coordination), De Fonseca (acoustics), BB (sustainability meter)

The Albert Building is a 12-storey building consisting of a variety of social housing units.


The target is an integral sustainable approach in the broad sense of the word. The building must be experienced by all users as pleasant and comfortable in daily use with the right balance between ecological, economic and socio-cultural sustainability. In doing so, we seek a balance between short- and long-term cost.

Our advice aims to implement as many sustainable features as possible in the design.


Sustainability meter

We monitor the works using the Flemish government's GRO sustainability meter.

GRO includes all criteria that can be related to sustainable construction. This tool makes the various sustainable aspects measurable and allows us to link them during the various phases of a building project - design, execution and delivery. We are convinced that this working method is the key to realising a sustainable building.

GRO is used as a guidance and evaluation tool in this project.

Sustainability meter GRO is the ideal tool to discuss and take the sustainability of a project to the next level in assignments like this one.

More about GRO
Afbeelding 03 milieu impact


Besides GRO follow-up, we also provide additional advice on circular construction and carry out a TOTEM analysis.
The TOTEM analysis shows the environmental impact of the new design and investigates optimisations to reduce this environmental impact.

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Our sustainability specialists

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ir. arch. Jona Van Steenkiste

Energy and sustainability advisor
EPB reporter
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ir. arch. Katrien Van Lierop

Energie- en duurzaamheidsadviseur
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