Warehouse Gare Maritime

Architect: ir. arch. Jan de Moffarts with Bureau Bouwtechniek  
Client: Project T&T NV 
Advisors: Studiebureau Boydens (technieken), Studiebureau Ney & Partners (stabiliteit), Venac (akoestiek), Bopro (veiligheidscoordinatie, Breeam), FPC (brandveiligheid), Arcadis (milieu advies), Seco (technische inspectie, stabiliteit)  
Location: Brussels  
Surface: 40.000 m² 
Timing: 2016 – 2018
Status: realized

© Giulia Frigerio

Project support I Collaboration

Renovation of the existing structure and the outer shell of the Gare Maritime. The Gare Maritime is an historic plot with a surface area of 40,000 m², a length of 280 m and a width of 140 m. The width is made up of 3 large spans (with a span width of 26 m) between which there are smaller spans (with a span width between 13 and 18 m). The halls have a metal support structure on which a zinc roof rests.

Not only is this technical renovation necessary as part of the maintenance of the existing sheds, but more importantly it fits within a global vision for the development of the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels. The old station building is not a protected monument, however, its renovation strives to maintain the qualities of the existing structure whilst enabling future adaptation to new requirements of functionality, legislation, energy and safety, and so.

The façade was renovated with respect for the existing situation. After a thorough feasibility study, the complete technical study of the outer shell was started up and carried out. The much-needed renovation was integrated into the overall image of the building. For example, the aluminium and steel curtain walls were matched to the authentic steel structure.

One of the requirements for the renovation was to create a façade that could absorb the thermal movement of the building, while pursuing a certain rationality in production and installation. Therefore, the facades were divided into identical elements (5.5 metres wide and 5.6 metres high), which are aligned with the bays of the hall's steel structure. A logical and convenient consequence of this is that they are demountable. The transition between the various elements is ensured by tailor-made infill panels

Bureau Bouwtechniek 
BB is responsible for the complete technical-construction support of ir. arch. Jan De Moffarts. BB is responsible for the technical assistance during the design process, detailed drawing of plans and sections, the development of the technical construction details, the writing and coordination of the building specifications, the cost estimates. BB ensures cost control throughout all the stages, until completion. BB is project architect throughout the construction phase.

Team BB: prof. arch. Jan Moens, ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten, ir. arch. Robbe Verelst, ir. arch. Julie Janssens, ir. arch. Stephanie Van Goethem