Residential complex Tondelier

Architect:  Blaf architecten, De Smet Vermeulen architecten, Eddy Vanzieleghem architecten, evr-architecten, Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Ono architectuur, Rapp+Rapp en Verdickt&Verdickt architecten
Urban development plan and supervision up to building permit: Rapp+Rapp
Client: Tondelier Development 
Location: Ghent 
Surfcae site: 75.000 m²  
Timing: 2018 -  
Status: in execution: Rapp+Rapp, Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, evr-architecten

Renders © Tondelier Development
Site pictures © Sarah Blee

Picture 2: building of Rapp+Rapp
Picture 3: building of evr-architecten

Project support I Collaboration
Technical advice I EPR

Reconversion from a brownfield to a new, sustainable residential area in Ghent with contemporary apartments, lofts and townhouses with a garden. Tondelier becomes the 2nd largest green lung in Ghent after Citadel Park. It is a sustainable living concept with a limited number of residential units in the green.

Tondelier will offer space to 528 energy-efficient housing units. The total housing offer comprises 20% social housing and the same number of budget housing. The site provides sports, trade and service facilities, offices, restaurants and bars, a daycare center and a youth center.
The master plan contains two parks: one for softer use and one connecting park in which harder recreational functions are possible.

A broad and integrated sustainability vision is central to the Tondelier project. This is reflected in the following interventions:

  • BEN apartments (S28 and E30) BEN apartments (S28 and E30) 
  • connection to a heat network 
  • airtight construction according to passive requirements 
  • realisation of a residents' guide for good use 
  • use of the sustainability meter of the City of Ghent.

The development of the site takes place between 2018 and 2028 in 5 phases. 8 architectural firms were appointed. Bureau Bouwtechniek has acted as project architect for all 8 since project phase 2.

Look here for a visualization of the development of the different phases.

Bureau Bouwtechniek
BB is responsible for the construction-techniscal assistance of the architect firms from the sketch design phase and is also an energy consultant.


  • technical assistance during the design process 
  • the review of fire regulations and accessibility regulations during the preparation of an environmental permit application 
  • the preparation of execution plans 
  • the elaboration of technical details 
  • the layout of the tender file and the estimate 
  • the monitoring of the execution 
  • the coordination of the collaboration between external partners.

BB team: ir. arch. Elien Van Gestel, arch. Sebastian De Meyere, arch. Lieselot Prinsie, arch. Bart Van den Bossche, arch. Tiny Vandenberghe, ir. arch. Paulus Present, ir. arch. Katrien Van Lierop, ir. arch. Emma Van De Steene, ir. arch. Yoshi Craeye, ing. Hans De Neve, ir. arch. Marie Lievrouw, ir. arch. Thijs Verfaillie, arch. Raf De Preter, arch. Ilse Deckmyn, ing. Julie Huybrighs, ir. arch. Jona Van Steenkiste, ir. arch. Thomas Janssens, ir. arch. Jan-Hendrik Beckx, ir. arch. Febe Lanckmans