Residential Care Centres

Client: Cofinimmo
Location: variable
Surface: variable
Timing: 2006 - now
Budget: variable
Status: in execution

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Project support I Quality control

Since Bureau Bouwtechniek was founded in 1995, various technical assignments have been carried out on behalf of Cofinimmo, one of the largest heritage management companies in Belgium.

BB is one of Cofinimmo's regular partners for quality control of residential care centres in Flanders and, has since managed about 24 expansion and new built projects.

The expertise and experience of BB's independent quality auditors guarantee a qualitative execution of the work.

Task description
Bureau Bouwtechniek checks the project's conformity with all the technical guidelines and stipulations, relevant legislation and quality standards.

BB advises both in terms of technical installations and safety of constructional parts.

BB's quality auditor represents the client on site. As a specialist, he checks and assesses if the overall needs of the client are met. He examines the work for compatibility with the specifications and drawings, identifies anomalies and prevents problems. He reports directly to the client via a documented report.

BB Team: arch. Francesca Cosby, ir. arch. Gert Biebauw, arch. ilze De Backer, arch. John Pipeleers, ir. arch. Marleen Meulenberghs, arch. Mark Sette, ir. arch. Sebastiaan Schelfaut