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Residential care centres

We are one of Cofinimmo's regular partners for quality control of residential care centres in Flanders.
  • Client: Cofinimmo

  • Status: In execution

Since the creation of Bureau Bouwtechniek in 1995, we have carried out a variety of technical assignments on behalf of Cofinimmo, one of the largest patrimony managers in Belgium.

  • We check the conformity of the project with all technical rules and regulations, relevant legislation and quality standards.
  • We advise both on structural parts, technical installations and safety.
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How does it work?


  • Site tour
  • Checking & reporting technical data sheets, calculation notes and execution details
  • Checking conformity of execution with technical description, planning permission, EPB and regulations
  • Quality control of the execution
  • Reporting site progress in relation to the construction schedule in technical reporting
  • Drawing up technical reports on site visits

As built:

Verification of as-built dossier and post-intervention dossier + verification of inspections & completion test reports

Verification of final EPB report

Provisional acceptance:

  • Preparation of provisional acceptance
    Visit provisional acceptance and verification of acceptance report
    Fire brigade tour before occupation

Between PR and FR:

  • Follow-up of the remarks and/or problems resulting from the provisional acceptance

Final acceptance:

  • Visit after provisional acceptance and inspection of report
    Walk around final acceptance and inspection of acceptance report
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