Pompentoren Ichtegem

Pump tower Ichtegem

Together with Studio Pallesh, we renovated the former pump tower into an observation tower from which you can observe the surroundings.
  • Architect: Studio Pallesh and Studio Blad

  • Client: Commune of Ichtegem

  • Timing: 2021-2024

  • Status: Executed

  • Advisors: BAS (landscape)

The pump tower in Eernegem is located along the Station Well and former railway line 62, which is now a recreational cycle route. It is the former pump building for water supply for the region's railway network.

This tower should be transformed into an observation tower from which you can observe the surroundings. Thus, a piece of heritage along the G62 will be made experienceable.


Radical approach

To preserve the beauty and elegance of the existing pump building, an intervention was sought that would enhance and literally elevate the existing features. The top of the existing tower will be sawn off and will serve as a viewing platform. A new structure to be added will become the carrier of the plateau.

Construction and routing are intertwined. The stair stringers serve as wind bracing and the landings link the columns together for a structural and load-bearing whole. This new section will be covered with a mesh net to make the intervention appear diffuse and unobtrusive in its surroundings.

At 18 metres high, the watchtower offers views of the polders, meadows and height accents in the surrounding area.

390,000 euros

The project involves an investment of 390,000 euros. Of this, 150,000 euro was subsidised by the province, via the Westtoer tourism agency. The renovation of the Pompentoren is part of Horizon 2025, the project to realise twenty new viewpoints in West Flanders.

As the uitvoerend architect, we help the designing architects with all constructional and financial issues, so that they can fully focus on the design. BB also monitors the execution and ensures that the objectives and plan are always crystal clear for all partners, so that together we can realise our dreams.

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