Cultural centre De Roma

Architect: DMT architecten
Client: vzw de Roma
Advisors: BAS (stability), Daidalos - Peutz & studieburo Herelixka (techniques), Daidalos - Peutz (acoustics), Guido Canfyn & D-Rent (theater techniques)
Location: Borgerhout 
Timing current phase: 2014 -  2016
Budget façade: € 2.000.000
Budget ventilation: € 800.000
Status: realized

© Koen Broos

Project support I Collaboration
Tehnical advice I Safety coordination

Restoration and renovation of the art-deco cinema building (2003), modernization of the stage and technical infrastructure (2005), façade restoration protected monument in Borgerhout (2014).

An initial basis for the major renovation to preserve the listed building was laid in view of the temporary opening of The Roma in the summer of 2003. A fire safety study led to an adjustment of the culture house in accordance with the current fire standards.

The complete restoration and renovation of the cinema building into a concert hall with theatre tower, modern stage and technical infrastructure was concluded in phases between 2003 and 2006.

In the current phase, the façade and the roof will be restored and the hall equipped with a ventilation system.

Bureau Bouwtechniek assists De Roma both in the organization of the in-house work and the work included in the façade and roof restoration dossier. During the execution of the work, BB will act as executive architect.

Team BB: ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten, ir. arch. Arno Van Hulle, prof. arch. Jan Moens, Ken Coolsaet