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Building audits

Condition measurement Flemish Administrative Centre in Ghent

Condition measurement current state of the facades and roofs of the Flemish Administrative Centre in Ghent.
  • Client: AG Real Estate

  • Surface: 40.206 m²

  • Budget: € 30.000

  • Timing: October 2019 - May 2020

  • Status: Executed

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After screening the building, we also examined the issues of facade accessibility for maintenance. A preliminary study analysed the original installation and feasibility of possible solutions.

The final choice was the addition of a facade installation on the tower's roofs, a gondola travelling back and forth on a rail track that avoids all existing technical installations.

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We also carried out a thorough inspection of the building envelope of the entire Flemish Administrative Centre in Ghent with particular emphasis on the facade of the tower building.
Apart from testing the new façade installation, the aim of the assignment was to survey the condition of the building envelope ca. 5 years after the building was commissioned. In particular, the sealant joints between the precast façade panels were found to be in poor condition.

Condition measurement

To form the most detailed picture of the facade up close, condition measurement of the tower's facades was carried out using the facade system.

The facades of the arm of the building were mapped by drone inspection in collaboration with Argus Vision. The high-resolution images of the opaque facades were compiled into a full set of views.

VAC Gent overzicht delen toren 191115 3979


The inspection report includes:

  • a photo report;
  • a detailed list of the defects found with an overview of the possible maintenance issues;
  • an analysis of the current state of the building envelope, and
  • an analysis of the operation of the façade installation.

One building audit is not like another. We go the extra mile and always try to identify the most likely causes of defects and immediately map out the most appropriate solutions.

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