Gert Biebauw speaking in Plan Magazine

Project architect Gert Biebauw explains how we translated Zaha Hadid Architects' façade concept into a doable project.
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Thanks to the ambitions of Antwerp Port Authority, the city has gained an iconic building with the Port House

an iconic building. Besides centralising the administration, the Port of Antwerp also wants to use the Port House to signal the strength of Europe's second largest port.

For the structural engineering and coordination of the only building in Belgium based on its concept, Zaha Hadid Architects joined forces with Bureau Bouwtechniek (BB). A challenge of stature. After all, the lamented star architect may have the gift of designing prestigious buildings, but their execution rarely stands for simplicity.

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Zaha Hadid Architects, together with Bureau Bouwtechniek, has won the competition for the Port House, Antwerp's newest landmark which was inaugurated in September 2016.

Engineer-architect Gert Biebauw, Bureau Bouwtechniek's project manager for the Port House, explains the collaboration.

  • Until the Final Design - during the period when the focus is on developing a building concept and aligning it with the programme of requirements - Zaha Hadid Architects is in charge within the design team and BB's role is supportive and focused on regulations, budgets and and materials research.
  • From the Final Design - when concepts are translated into technical details and construction drawings - Bureau Bouwtechniek takes the lead within the design team. BB prepares the architectural drawings, details and specifications for tendering.
  • During the execution phase, Bureau Bouwtechniek maintains leadership of the design team and chairs site meetings.
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