Bureau Bouwtechniek delivers very last School of Tomorrow

With the Technicum in Sint-Truiden, we are delivering the latest School of Tomorrow.
Schoolv Morgen 4795

Scholen van Morgen is a public-private partnership between the Flemish government on the one hand and AG Real Estate and BNP Paribas Fortis on the other, jointly structured via DBFM Scholen van Morgen nv.

DBFM Scholen van Morgen nv is responsible for the design (Design), the construction (Build), the financing (Finance) and the 30-year maintenance (Maintain) of the school buildings. Upon completion, the building will be transferred to the school board.

AG Real Estate acts as delegated builder. Team Vlaams Bouwmeester is an important operational partner for choosing the designs and advising on their elaboration.

In figures, Scholen van Morgen realised 182 schools or 710,000 m² of buildings accommodating 133,000 pupils.

We helped build the first and the last school.

  • GTIL Nieuwbouw 912
  • CHOICE sint truiden 569 A5995 4675

Bureau Bouwtechniek was involved in the realisation of no fewer than 18 of the 182 Schools of Tomorrow:

  • Municipal Technical Institute in Londerzeel i.c.w. Teema-architecten (2014);
  • Schakelschool in Kuringen i.c.w. Geurst & Schulze (2015);
  • Emmaüsinstituut in Aalter i.c.w. VMX (2015);
  • OLV Ten Doorn in Eeklo i.c.w. Smak Architects (2015);
  • Technical Institute in Mol i.c.w. Teema-architecten (2016);
  • Campus Panhoven in Peer i.c.w. Bekkering Adams architects (2016);
  • Wijngaard in Veerle i.c.w. Geurst & Schulze (2016);
  • HBOV in Sint-Michiels i.c.w. Geurst & Schulze (2016);
  • Virgo Maria in Merksem i.c.w. Geurst & Schulze (2017);
  • VTI in Roeselaere i.c.w. Geurst & Schulze (2017);
  • De Vlinder in Baarle-Hertog i.c.w. Geurst & Schulze (2017);
  • Schakelschool in Schaarbeek i.c.w. Geurst & Schulze (2018);
  • Arts Campus Antwerpen (SISA) i.c.w. Korteknie & Stuhlmacher architects (2018);
  • Groenendaalcollege in Merksem i.c.w. HUB (2019);
  • Ursulinen Mechelen i.c.w. Label Architecture (2019);
  • De Springveer in Beersel i.c.w. Teema-architecten (2019);
  • VTI Brugge i.c.w. Van Den Berg Architecten (2021);
  • Technicum in Sint-Truiden i.c.w. Architecten aan de Maas (2023).