All aspects of a building are considered: 

  • constructional,  
  • budgetary,  
  • planning,  
  • energy, comfort and sustainability. 


Bureau Bouwtechniek's ambition is to deliver custom work of the highest quality with intelligent technical added value. 

BB can guarantee the efficient supervision and control of the entire construction process, both in ambitious, large-scale projects and projects of a more comprehensible scale with a separate challenge. 


BB has a team of multidisciplinary construction and energy specialists who advise on a design or renovation project from an integrated and up-to-date vision.  

Bureau Bouwtechniek thus remains a pioneer in the field of circular and sustainable construction, the development of innovative (renovation) methods, concepts and techniques and advice on the technology of building. 


Due to the unique and diverse composition of our team, complex studies and advice can be handled integrally in-house. As an experienced firm with a solid reputation, we enjoy working on large, ambitious construction projects. Nevertheless, we are equally committed and passionate about fine, small-scale work. In addition to added value from a construction perspective, we believe that our no-nonsense approach and open and respectful dialogue with all parties involved are additional assets that bring a collaboration to a successful conclusion.


Bureau Bouwtechniek works on an average of 300 projects a year. The lion's share (70%) of these are high-quality architectural projects in which we act as the architect's partner. The remaining 30% are technical renovation dossiers and unique, specialised construction-technical advice.

BB employs 93 architects and engineers. 

In addition to the head office in Antwerp, BB has branches in Brussels and Ghent