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Meaning in every square meter

Design is not a done deal. It’s an invitation for innovation. Reusing materials means new life, a proper process means progress, a technical breakthrough can make a dream come true. Yes, we get very, very, nerdy about details. Add us to your team because we want to make smart and sustainable buildings that make you feel good and us feel proud. Details aren’t details. Every square meter has meaning.
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Ask ... facade expert Raf De Preter

In what way can the facade contribute to a future-oriented and liveable building?

"Controlling overheating will be a key challenge for the future. Smart facade design combined with mass planting of trees that temper the low sun in summer will improve both our indoor climate and the liveability of our built environment."

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26 BB'ers together took 11,302,067 steps and walked 8,663 km. Out of 149 participating companies, we achieved a nice 2nd place.

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Are you an architect or builder dreaming of a project? Our architects will be very happy to help you.

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Audits & Maintenance

Building owner and shy about sustainable advice? Call us.

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Fire safety

A conclusive fire safety concept and maximum design freedom? You have found what you were looking for.

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Safety coordination

We take safety on and around the site very seriously. Our safety coordinators show you the way both at design stage and during execution.

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Restauration & Renovation

Your renovation or restoration ambitions are in good hands with us. Our specialists can fall back on a lot of experience, both in years and projects.

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Construction damage and/or defects? You can sleep on both ears, our experts think in solutions.

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Advice sustainable & circular building

We look for quality sustainable and future-oriented solutions for your project within your capabilities.

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Façade Engineering

The facade is the building component par excellence that can contribute to a future-oriented and liveable building. We are very happy to contribute to this.

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Advice energy & building physics

Making your building healthier? We investigate which factors can contribute to this.

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Innovation & Research

The future is now. We are forward-thinking today and want to remain so.

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Team Bureau Bouwtechniek

We are a team of experts who know what is right for your building. Whether it's a monument or new construction, worn down to the wire or yet to be built, a residential tower or a museum, we listen and look carefully to understand how a building is put together and then work with it.

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