School campus Ceria

Architect: TV V+ MSA 51N4E 
Client: Franse Gemeenschapscommissie
Advisors: Bureau d'études Greisch (stability), MK Engineering (EPB, techniques), Plant & Houtgoed (landscape), Daidalos-Peutz (acoustics)
Location: Anderlecht
Surface: 20.000 m²  and 20.000 m² (surroundings)
Timing: 2018 -
Status: design phase 

© TV V+/MSA/51N4E

Project Support I Collaboration

Construction of a school complex on the Ceria Campus in Anderlecht. 

New contruction:

  • two secondary schools for 600 students each (1 and 2)
  • a refectory with 300 places (3)
  • construction of a parking lot for 68 places with access road (5)
  • construction of a lane (5)
  • construction of a landscape park between the different buildings (6) 
  • establishment of a kiosk on the canal side (8)


  • of the existing sports hall (4)

Circular construction
During this project, the demountable nature and reuse of the existing buildings is investigated. New materials are added to the building as demountable as possible.

A classification is made based on the life expectancy of the materials and the fashion sensitivity of the various building elements. In a circular project, the supply and removal of material focuses on preservation, reuse, up- and recycle.

BB goes circular

Bureau Bouwtechniek 
BB is responsible for the complete construction-technical support of the architects from the tendering phase. BB is responsible for technical assistance during the design process, the layout of the execution plans, the blueprint of constructional specifications and estimates. BB leads the monitoring of the execution.

Team BB: ir. arch. Julie Janssens, arch. Smaranda Alexandrescu, arch. Raf De Preter, arch. ilze De Backer en arch. Francesca Crosby