Bureau Bouwtechniek is a multidisciplinary study and advice agency specialising in building techniques. BB was established in 1995 by Prof. and architect Jan Moens, as the first agency for technical advice for building projects in Belgium.
In 2019, BB employed around 70 architects and engineers, and has grown into a leading technical support agency for architects and clients, where a team of building technology experts operate with great passion.


On average, Bureau Bouwtechniek works on 280 projects per year. The lion's share (70%) of them, are high quality architectural projects where we act as the architect's partner. The remaining 30% is completed by technical renovation assignments. For example, on an annual basis, we assist in the renovation of between 50,000 and 70,000 m2 of roof, commissioned by our regular partners Delhaize, Carrefour, and Redevco, portfolio manager Cofinimmo, and offer unique, specialised technical construction advice.


78% of our turnover is generated in Flanders, 13% in Brussels and 9% in Wallonia. BB realised its first project in Wallonia in 2008. Today, we are working on 14 projects in the Brussels area, at 9 different locations, in collaboration with 7 architectural firms.


Bureau Bouwtechniek is a growing company. Between 2009 and 2013, the labour force increased by 25%. On the one hand, BB committed to a number of large-scale, ambitious projects and, on the other hand, we have noted that the proportion of our regular activities for our regular partners has increased. In both instances, Bureau Bouwtechniek can confirm and consolidate customer confidence.

Company management

Board of Directors:
Prof. Jan Moens, architect, managing director, chairman
Toon Kalhöfer, MSc, architect, managing director
Mark Sette, architect, director
Nadja Van Houten, MSc, architect, director

Daily management:
Toon Kalhöfer, MSc, architect, general business manager
Mark Sette, architect, HR coordinator
Nadja Van Houten, MSc, architect, process coordinator
Gert Biebauw, MSc, architect, financial director


Bureau Bouwtechniek realises its projects in collaboration with its clients, as one team. For us, each contract is a full commitment in which we position ourselves as an involved party.

For each commitment BB engages, we compose the most appropriate in-house team in accordance with the specific assignment requirements. The project management is supervised from beginning to end by the same project coordinator. Quality and reliability are paramount.
We strive to provide our technical knowhow to generate added value for our clients.
We believe in a no-nonsense approach and an open, respectful dialogue with all the parties concerned as a necessary condition for a constructive and successful collaboration.

As an experienced agency with a solid reputation, Bureau Bouwtechniek can dedicate itself to large, ambitious building projects. On the other side, we remain a flexible company that can also deliver customised solutions for smaller projects.
BB maintains its pioneering role and has the ambition to continuously fulfil its leadership role via study and research, and its passion for construction engineering.

BB believes in an integrated approach and invests structurally in a multidisciplinary team of experienced experts and promising newcomers with innovative ideas. A conscious mix that has proven to have its merits in practice.


Development knowledge represents both the survival strategy and the growth potential of Bureau Bouwtechniek: we invest in our people to ensure that they can surpass themselves in a stimulating environment. That is where our profit lies and the future guarantee that we will continue performing top level construction engineering.
The BB construction specialists are actively encouraged to participate in the CSTC technical committees as well as in seminars, symposiums, training courses and research projects in collaboration with universities.

Our experts are also involved in funded research projects and experiments into new applications of materials and building systems. In addition, our expertise is consulted by manufacturers for testing and evaluating new materials and building systems.

From the start, a BB architect or engineer has a passion for analytical thinking and can be employed across different knowledge domains. Bureau Bouwtechniek wants to train its employees to be experts at constructive thinking who capitalise to the maximum in joint ventures.