Bureau Bouwtechniek is responsible for the intensive technical support of high quality architectural projects from the tender stage or preliminary study to completion.


BB can vouch for efficient supervision and control of the entire construction process; both for ambitious, large-scale projects and those of a more comprehensible scale.

We see to it that the architect and by extension, the entire design team, accompany the development from the first concept. Once the basis for the design is laid, we investigate with the design team the possible technical and financial issues, and work on different scenarios. During this phase, besides the technical criteria, the feasibility of impact on other disciplines such as planning and the budget, are also studied.


Preliminary design
engineering and technical support costs

Final design
engineering and technical support costs accompany the layout planning application file

general management and development coordination and outlining plans and details
drafting the specifications, bills of quantities and cost estimates
supervising the comparison of contractor bids

Work management:

  • management of the site meeting with contractor (technical, cost-related, organisational, etc.)
  • monitoring the quality of the work carried out 
  • verification of the contractor's invoices

assistance with provisional acceptance
assistance with the final acceptance

In tandem

Bureau Bouwtechniek works in tandem, together with the architect as a complementary team. During the design phase, BB mainly fulfils an advisory role, while we can act as the coordinator of an interdisciplinary team of in-house and external specialist from drawing up the tender dossier, and function as the team representative during the implementation phase.

Added value

A collaboration on this level is considered a success, whenever we can translate and optimize a design into a technically well-constructed building within the predetermined financial budget.


Since 2009, Bureau Bouwtechniek has realized and coordinated BIM models for various projects.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process whereby information about a project, stored in databases, is consulted and coordinated between various building partners. Usually, a BIM model forms the core of the Building Information Modelling process and consists of 3D models of the building, composed from dynamic and intelligent virtual building components containing a large amount of information about their identity and geometry. The information stored in the BIM model can be extracted in different forms, such as plans, sections, 3D views, bills of quantities, estimates, etc.

Because the various project documents are generated from the same central model, their correlated consistency is ensured. This is in contrast to a conventional way of designing, where all the documents are created and updated independently of one another.

When the various partners within the project team work together on a BIM model, the coordination problems between the different building disciplines can be addressed early and thoroughly and failure, in turn, be drastically reduced.

Bureau Bouwtechniek shares the conviction of the CSTC, among other institutions, that this integrated approach is the way of construction in the near future.

BB has a team of BIM specialists in possession of an Autodesk Revit certificate.