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Sports hall De Rode Loop

abv+ architects appointed us as sustainability consultant for the development of the extension of sports hall de Rode Loop in Merksem.
  • Partners: Architect: abv+ architects Client: Antwerpse Bouwwerken Building owner: City of Antwerp Partners: City of Antwerp (exterior construction), Arcade (stability), Studiebureau Ronny Van Reeth (techniques/EPB), Urban Landscape (garden/landscape architect), EVA International (acoustics) Location: Antwerp Timing: 2016 - 2019 Budget: €4,523,000 (incl. fees) Status: realised

  • Status: Executed


The target is an integral sustainable approach in the broad sense of the word. The building must be experienced by all users as pleasant and comfortable in daily use with the right balance between ecological, economic and socio-cultural sustainability. In doing so, we seek a balance between short-term and long-term cost.

A sports hall made to measure

When building the new sports hall, the city took into account the needs of wheelchair users. This includes larger changing rooms, extra toilet facilities and an adapted sports floor. The existing entrance hall and the space outside have been taken in hand so that the sports hall is easily accessible, and several parking spaces have also been provided for people with disabilities.

Sustainable building

Thermowood, a sustainable wood species without chemicals, was chosen for the cladding of the outer façade. The toilets use recovered rainwater and there is a green roof on the changing rooms. Energy is generated by solar panels and solar boilers supply hot water to the plumbing. LED lighting and triple glazing are used everywhere. To encourage biodiversity, beehives will be placed on the roof and there will also be an insect hotel.

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Sustainability meter

We monitor the works using the Flemish government's GRO sustainability meter.

GRO includes all criteria that can be related to sustainable construction. This tool makes the various sustainable aspects measurable and allows us to link them during the various phases of a building project - design, execution and delivery. We are convinced that this working method is the key to realising a sustainable building.

GRO is used as a guidance and evaluation tool in this project.

Sustainability meter GRO is the ideal tool to discuss and take the sustainability of a project to the next level in assignments like this one.

Summer comfort

The dynamic temperature calculations are performed using the Capsol (Physibel) software package.

Capsol is a thermal simulation programme for determining dynamic heat transport between different rooms, taking into account the thermal capacity of these rooms and solar radiation. The thermal properties of wall structures and glazing can be entered in detail here. The average simultaneous occupancy is displayed for each room. Exceptional events with more people may give deviations from the results

Towards even more comfort & well-being

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GRO what?

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