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Roof renovations Redevco

Since 2001, we have been Redevco's regular partner for various engineering assignments.
  • Client: Redevco

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We regularly screen buildings as a function of determining maintenance forecasts for various buildings in their patrimony and as part of the investment programme to renovate the roofs of these

What does that entail?

On the basis of an initial thorough feasibility study with the specification of possible execution scenarios and associated budget provisions, the client chooses whether a renovation presents itself and is fiscally feasible and/or necessary.

If a large-scale renovation is actually undertaken, we provide the complete technical preliminary study, the renovation design with estimate, the evaluation of the offers, assistance in the price negotiations and meticulous technical site follow-up.

If required, we can also draw up the safety file and monitor safety during the execution of the works.

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I Brico Herstal
Brico Herstal

Case: Circular renovation roofs Brico & Auto 5 in Herstal

The roofs of the buildings of retail chain BRICO and AUTO 5 were renovated in a future-oriented manner. A thoroughly circular and sustainable approach was chosen, with roof structures that even far exceed the set requirements.

The client set the bar very high. With a view to the future, sufficient insulation had to be provided, but a thoroughly circular approach and a CO2-neutral, easily dismantled and recyclable roof structure were also opted for.

2022 04 21 Bureau Bouwtechniek 02056

Compartmentalisation? Yes we must.

"On this project too, we opted for compartmentalisation of the roof. I am and remain a great advocate of this," says roof specialist Freya Michiels. "With compartmentalisation, the roof waterproofing and the vapour barrier are connected at certain points to limit the spread of any infiltrated water and wetting of the insulation should unexpected problems or leaks occur. By the way, this also makes finding and addressing the cause of any leakage later much easier."

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Shopping Genk2

Case : Shopping 1 in Genk

Shopping 1 in Genk was opened in 1968 as the first Belgian shopping centre modelled on the successful malls in the United States. The complex contains 56 shops. From the outset, parking facilities were provided on the roof as well as direct access to the complex.

Because of the deflection of the supporting structure (due to age), resulting in the formation of puddles, and the succession of harsh winters, there was an acute need for an extensive roof renovation in the early 2000s. In addition, a general renovation and possible longer-term expansion were already underway at that time.

The clients, an association of owners with then owner Redevco as the main one, appointed us in 2007 for the urgent roof renovation works.

After investigation, we chose the Pardak 110 system with large-format parking tiles from Zoontjens. The system allows for a phased implementation, which reduced disruption to Shopping 1's customers. In addition, the system is demountable and reusable and can be used in future projects. These advantages were decisive compared to the other system where a conventional on-site poured concrete layer finished with a wear-resistant waterproofing is used.

Shopping Genk Pardak110
Shopping Genk Biggenrug

In 2009, the roof renovation was carried out. 4 years later, the plan to renovate and expand Shopping 1 also became concrete. Shopping 1 will be extended by 11,500 m² of retail space or 42 shops. On the roof, there will be 4 retail units. Parking facilities will also be created on these new volumes where reclaimed tiles will be used. As with the roof renovation works, the majority of shops will remain open and parking capacity will be guaranteed. The end of these works is scheduled for December 2014.

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Wim Rymenants

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