We sign the Green Deal nature-inclusive car parks

Sharing knowledge and experience will be essential to create support and optimise our advice based on the lessons learned.
Kopie van Het Predigheren Gert 23

Softening parking areas contributes greatly to combating the urban heat island effect and breaking the sealing of the soil. Integrating more nature on these paved areas will boost biodiversity, restore lost soil functions and prevent flooding.

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By participating in this initiative, we aim to motivate our customers to be more nature-inclusive when renovating their car parks.

Our energy consultant and daylighting expert Martijn Vyncke has long been preaching the importance of designing with nature at building level and showing his colleagues the way to use rainwater more sensibly. Naturally, he could not be missing from this Green Deal.

Colleagues Kathleen Rens and Jente De Schepper gladly participated.

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