Jan Moens guest speaker at ProBitumen Management symposium

With the growing need to use the roof for numerous functions, the pressure on the long-standing reliable performance of waterproofing layers is great. The ProBitumen Management symposium offered depth, insight and reassurance. Participants went home with a good story about the power of a double layer of bitumen, bonded or not, in the fight against water.
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The ProBitumen Management Symposium took place on Thursday 23 November at BuildWise's imposing building in Zaventem (Brussels).

  • Pieter-Jan de Buyck, from the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), examined how bitumen and other building materials affect water quality.
  • Architect and professor Jan Moens systematically immersed himself in detailing a completely flat roof to prevent leakage.
  • Edwige Noirfalisse (BuildWise) examined a large number of leak detection systems and compared them for user-friendliness and performance.

Probitumen Management Symposium reassures

The risk is in the details. A good two-layer bituminous roof covering of 7 to 8 mm will remain watertight. But at the connections, for example to the rising façade: this is where uncertainties arise.
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