Groen & Grijs

Toon Kalhöfer in discussion with Indra Janda.
Groen Grijs

How does a young architect inspire a rotten in the profession? And how does a less young architect inspire a green leaf? In the podcast series 'Groen & Grijs' (Green & Grey), Architectura explores the intersections and differences between two generations of architects.

In the second episode of this podcast, host Liesbeth Verhulst welcomes on the green side Indra Janda of atelier Janda Vanderghote. As an old hand in the profession, she was chosen by Toon Kalhöfer of Bureau Bouwtechniek.

A mutual appreciation for each other's portfolio and a shared quest for sustainability made them curious to meet. It became a fine conversation about motivations and dreams in which, for both Indra and Toon, the importance of and concern for meaningful collaboration is a common aspiration.

For Toon, the latter means organising a working environment where people come to greatest things in trust. He creates a safe environment for all BBs where we can find our own way and have the opportunity to do what is close to our hearts. He does this because he believes that if people can achieve something, also professionally, that is close to their own life purpose they are not only much happier, but they are also capable of much more.

Kwa personal meaning in every square metre that can count.

Here you will discover what they had to say to each other.