You are cycling along too, right?

Our biennial, now legendary, charity bike ride is coming up.
BB For20242

Saturday, 14 September, we hoist ourselves into the saddle for charity. Two years we had to wait for it, but soon it will be here.

We are now on the 5th edition of our BB FOR bike sponsor ride. Like all the other editions, we want to make this one a party too.


And for that, we need you. Without cyclists, there is little cycling fun to be had. In the past, we could count on your large-scale presence. There is no reason why this should be any different now, right?


After 4 editions, we have left our familiar location in Spa and landed in the surroundings of beautiful Geraardsbergen. Yep, the one and only. A juggernaut to the legs of every champion in us. Fear not, even as a non-cycling fanatic there is fun to be had in Ronde van Vlaanderen land. Our course builders Jan Moens and co have mapped out three stages, taking into account semi-pros, enthusiasts and friends/partners of enthusiasts.

Wall or no wall, there will be something for all legs.

You are cycling along?

Let it be known and put all your questions to Ilse Vandesande