BB FOR ... Het Werk der Daklozen

On Saturday the 14th of September BB FOR will ride for Het Werk der Daklozen.
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The aim

Het Werk der daklozen (The Work of the Homeless) is an autonomous private reception centre for homeless people in Antwerp. It provides rooms to recognised single male refugees, a vulnerable and often targeted group.


Their project

The non-profit organisation's operations are located in rue Blinde. We carried out an audit there earlier this year (free of charge) in preparation for a thorough renovation. This revealed that a high-quality renovation is not financially feasible for the non-profit association.

The project stuck with us. Primarily because we felt addressed as people. But also because we at BB had been looking for some time for a way to put our shoulders to the wheel in social construction projects with a broader social basis. BB FOR offers us the ideal framework to kick off what, as far as we are concerned, promises to be the start of a great series.

Together, we can ensure that 33 recognised single male refugees will soon have a safe and warm home. Cool, right?

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What do the renovation works entail?

1/ A total of 33 studios will be created in the building on Blindestraat. The current small rooms will be connected in pairs and converted into larger living spaces.

2/ The highest part of the central staircase is wooden and insufficiently fireproof. Making it fireproof is an absolute priority. Tenders were requested to renew it in metal and concrete.

3/ Installation of a lift. (Optional, depending on budget).

How can you help?

Renovation works mainly cost money. With your financial contribution, you help directly to improve the comfort and well-being of the future occupants of the house. 

A bike ride without cyclists brings little joy. On Saturday 14 September, we will cycle in the beautiful surroundings of Geraardsbergen. Wall or no wall, there will be something for all legs. You can choose from 3 courses between 130 and 55 km.

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BB FOR is our biennial charity bike ride. We are in our fifth edition in 2024. In 2022, we raised €45,000 and got 120 sympathisers on their bikes. Our colleagues choose a new charity for each edition.

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Would you like more information?

Ilse Vandesande is happy to help.